Program Facts

Title of Project
The ‘Hidden Strength’ of Active Involvement of People in Public Security in Al Qayyarah, Nineveh
Donor/Partner UNDP
Project Duration September 16, 2021 – December 16, 2021 (4 Months)
Location(s) Al Qayyarah, Nineveh Governorate, Federal Iraq
Main Objective(s) The primary objective of this initiative was to harness the latent potential within civil society and local communities, encouraging their active participation in bolstering public security and safety measures to prevent and combat crime. By engaging both the local host community and internally displaced persons (IDPs), the project aimed to empower individuals to contribute to the protection of their communities and report any criminal activities. This was vital for safeguarding the well-being and prosperity of all residents, including IDPs, against threats to their safety and communal welfare.
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