Program Facts

Title of Project
Religious Leaders as Catalysts for Women’s Empowerment: Strategies for Addressing Gender Inequality in Kurdistan Iraq
Donor/Partner Cordaid and UKAID
Project Duration 1 March 2023 – 31 March 2023 / One Month
Location(s) Erbil, KRI, Iraq
Main Objective(s)

Our objective is to leverage religious leadership as a catalyst for advancing women’s empowerment and addressing gender inequality in Kurdistan, Iraq. Through a series of targeted interventions, we aim to achieve the following:

  1. Capacity Building Workshops: Conduct workshops to enhance the understanding of women’s rights and gender equality among 30 religious leaders over two days. By equipping religious leaders with knowledge and tools, we seek to empower them to advocate for women’s rights within their respective communities.
  2. Dialogue Sessions: Facilitate dialogue sessions spanning three days, bringing together 15 women’s rights organizations and 15 religious leaders representing various faiths. These sessions aim to foster collaboration and strategize on initiatives to promote gender equality and empower women, fostering partnerships between civil society and religious leadership.
  3. Interfaith Dialogues: Organize two days of interfaith dialogues involving 30 religious leaders from diverse religious backgrounds, including Muslim, Christian, Kakayies, Yezidis, and others. Through these dialogues, we aim to promote mutual understanding and respect among different religious communities while addressing women’s issues within a multi-faith context, fostering harmony and cooperation across religious divides.

By achieving these objectives, we aim to catalyze positive change, empower women, and contribute to building a more equitable and inclusive society in Kurdistan, Iraq.

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