Providing protection, assistance, and recreational activities to victims of war in Sharia camp, Duhok, the KRI

Introduction: In a bid to address the pressing needs of war victims and conflict survivors, Accepting Others Organization (AOO) is set to launch a comprehensive project at the Women’s Center in Sharia IDP Camp, Duhok Governorate, the KRI. Commencing on March 1, 2024, this initiative aims to provide vital protection, assistance, and recreational activities to individuals affected by war and conflict in the region.

Project Overview: The project, entitled “Providing Protection, Assistance, and Recreational Activities to Victims of War in Sharia Camp, Duhok, the KRI,” is designed to cater to both in-camp and out-of-camp victims, with a particular focus on IDPs and other at-risk individuals. Emphasizing inclusivity, the project ensures participation from all ethnoreligious groups in the area, including Yezidi, Kurds, Arabs, Kakai, Muslims, and Christians.

Key Activities:

  1. Specialized Case Management Services: AOO will provide general protection information and GBV case management to female victims of war, conflict survivors, and others at risk of violence. With a maximum capacity of 75 cases over seven months, the project aims to ensure comprehensive support for vulnerable individuals.
  2. Recreational Activities: Various recreational activities will be offered to promote the well-being of victims, including English and computer courses, sports clubs, cultural events, football tournaments, hiking expeditions, yoga sessions, and food/product fairs. These initiatives aim to empower and uplift survivors, providing them with opportunities for personal growth and skill development.
  3. Referral Services: AOO will facilitate timely and safe referrals to internal and external service providers, ensuring comprehensive care and support for survivors. Collaboration with the Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women (DCVAW) will further enhance access to essential services for vulnerable individuals.
  4. Outreach and Mobile Interventions: Six male and female volunteers will be selected from the local community to assist in outreach and mobile interventions. Through door-to-door distribution of flyers and pamphlets, the project aims to raise awareness about available services and resources, reaching a wide range of beneficiaries in both in-camp and out-of-camp settings.

Security Measures: To guarantee the safety of beneficiaries and stakeholders, AOO will collaborate closely with local authorities, including the asayesh. Security personnel will be present during recreational activities, outreach services, and mobile interventions to mitigate risks and ensure a secure environment for all participants.

Conclusion: The launch of this project represents a significant step towards addressing the needs of war victims and conflict survivors in Sharia Camp, Duhok. Through its multifaceted approach, AOO aims to empower individuals, promote resilience, and foster a sense of community among those affected by conflict in the region.

Published On: February 25th, 2024 / Categories: Updates /