Program Facts

Title of Project
Providing Protection, Assistance, and Recreational Activities for War Victims in Sharia Camp, Duhok
Donor/Partner IOM
Project Duration 1 Feb 2024 – 31 Aug 2024 / 7 Months
Location(s) Duhok, KRI, Iraq
Main Objective(s)

Main Objectives for Project Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Provide Specialized Case Management Services

To deliver comprehensive and tailored case management services to female victims of war, conflict survivors, and other at-risk individuals, ensuring access to protection information and GBV case management, prioritizing the most vulnerable cases, and maintaining a sustainable caseload for effective support delivery.

Outcome 2: Provide Recreational Activities to Ensure Well-being

To enhance the well-being and resilience of victims of war, conflict survivors, IDPs, and other at-risk females by offering diverse recreational activities, including English and computer courses, sports clubs, cultural events, and food/product fairs, fostering personal development, community integration, and economic empowerment.

Outcome 3: Ensure Timely Referral Services

To establish efficient and responsive referral mechanisms for victims of war, conflict survivors, and at-risk individuals, facilitating access to internal and external service providers, including coordination with the Directorate to Combat Violence Against Women (DCVAW), to ensure comprehensive care and support, particularly for cases requiring transportation services to courts.

Outcome 4: Provide Protection Information Services

To disseminate accurate and relevant information to conflict-affected communities, survivors of violence and abuse, and GBV/SGBV survivors about their rights and entitlements, leveraging experienced Protection Officers and Case Managers to lead information services and peer-to-peer support groups, promoting awareness, empowerment, and access to essential resources.

Outcome 5: Conduct Outreach and Mobile Interventions

To expand outreach efforts and mobile interventions targeting both in-camp and out-of-camp IDPs, war victims, conflict survivors, and at-risk individuals, utilizing trained community volunteers and AOO staff to distribute informational materials, provide guidance on available services, and promote engagement with the Sharia Camp Women’s Center, while ensuring the safety and security of all stakeholders through collaboration with local Asayesh authorities.

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