Program Facts

Title of Project
Bakhsheen Project (Clothing Donation Boxes)
Donor/Partner Korek Telecom / Zain Telecom / Kadeer
Project Duration Open
Location(s) Erbil, KRI, Iraq
Main Objective(s)

The primary objective of the “Give Another Life to Your Unwanted Clothes” project, funded by Erbil Municipality and private sector partners such as Zain Iraq, Korek Telecom, and Kadeer Co., is to provide clothing assistance to vulnerable families, particularly those headed by women, among internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and vulnerable host communities in Erbil City, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

Detailed Objectives:

  1. Clothing Collection and Distribution:
    • To establish and maintain clothing donation boxes across key locations in Erbil City, facilitating the collection of unwanted clothing items.
    • To separate, launder, and distribute collected clothing items to families or individuals in need, ensuring they reach the most vulnerable populations, including women-headed households, IDPs, refugees, and those affected by natural disasters such as floods.
  2. Expansion of Donation Box Network:
    • To expand the reach and impact of the project by increasing the number of clothing donation boxes to 100 in Erbil City by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.
    • To collaborate with private donors and the Erbil Municipality to secure funding and necessary approvals for the placement of additional donation boxes, enhancing community engagement and participation in the initiative.

Through these objectives, the project aims to address the urgent clothing needs of vulnerable populations in Erbil City, providing essential support to women, children, and families affected by displacement and adversity.

Published On: March 3rd, 2024 / Categories: Humanitarian, Programs /